4 Bad Habits of Crooked Financial Advisors

4 Bad Habits of Crooked Financial Advisors

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Financial advisors are talented individuals who know about the ins and outs of finance. Oftentimes, these advisors can share their thoughts and strategies on how to deal with potential financial troubles that can affect your life.

Asking for the assistance of a financial advisor can be a good life move, but you also need to be cautious. Nowadays, a small percent of financial advisors have bad habits that should be taken as red flags.

Check out the bad habits of crooked financial advisors.

Not Available Most of the Time

The industry of financial advisory has grown in such levels that many experts are needed on a regular basis. Having a financial advisor means that you have someone that can assist you if ever you’re confused over money-related decisions.

How would you feel if you need your financial advisor and he is not available? It can be disheartening, especially if you paid for the agreement. If your financial advisor exhibits this trait, you should look for another one with a grander sense of responsibility.

Frequently Jacking Up Prices

Financial advisors need to eat too since they are not automatons. Before you enter an agreement with a financial advisor, make sure that the agreement is clear—especially regarding the payment. If the advisor wants to increase his prices in the middle of the contract, you should ask for specifications. Frequent price hikes without adding anything in the service means that the advisor is just milking your wallet. Find a new advisor for your peace.

Arriving Late in Meetings

Time is a very important element, not just in business but in all aspects of life. This is one of the factors that you should observe before hiring the service of a financial advisor.

If your friendly advisor exhibits tardiness in agreed meetings, you may need to remind him. Now, once the issue still prevails, you should look for a replacement. Remember: a person who doesn’t respect your time is not worth your attention.

Not all financial advisors are crooked—only a small percentage of them display such habits. However, this doesn’t mean that you should keep your guard down. Always seek the best service when it comes to financial advisory.

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